What Information is in My Portal?

After logging in, you will be directed to the home page as shown below. You can access the home page at this link https://myportal.scsonline.ca/ (If you are not logged in, you will be directed to the login page).

TIPS This tutorial includes visual followed by instructions. The instructions are numbered to make it easier to find the areas they refer to in the visual. Look for the corresponding numbers in the visual.

From the home page, you can easily access the sections you need:

1. My Profile
View and edit basic information in your profile, which includes your address(es), phone number, key contact information and communication preferences.

3. My Individual Support Plan (ISP)
You will be able to read your Individual Support Plan (ISP) and provide feedback on it.

4. My Documents
Read documents in your file at SCS.

If you have funding with SCS:

2. My Billing
You will be able to view your budget and remaining funds, submit and see your invoices, and register for direct deposit.