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This new section on our website offers information to help you navigate housing and emergency shelter resources in Ottawa.

Learn about the housing continuum

The housing continuum is, at its simplest, the range of housing types available in a community — from homeless on one end, all the way to homeownership on the other. In between lies an assortment of housing options and types, each critically important for different people at different times.

  • Homeless
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Transitional Housing
  • Social Housing
  • Affordable Rental Housing
  • Affordable Home Ownership
  • Market Rental Housing
  • Market Home Ownership

This housing navigation resource will help you identify where you are on the housing continuum. Based on where you are situated, you may wish to decide to make changes to your housing situation in order to progress along the continuum.

Click on this link to access this resource:

Resource Room at SCS

For general information on developmental services or community resources, we welcome you to drop by our Resource Room at 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 507, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 3pm.

If you are currently not actively working with a case manager, one of our team members will be available to support you with information about community resources, completing applications and referrals.

If you are working with a case manager, please contact them directly to arrange an appointment.

Main Services Offered at SCS

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Adult Case Management Services

Adult Case Management
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Success Stories

We created a video to showcase the hard-earned successes of the people we support at SCS, while addressing topics relevant to them and their caregivers (primarily employment, housing and networking). We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project!

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