Strategic Plan 2023-2026

This page offers information on our Strategic Plan 2023-2026. You can find our full strategic plan here

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Introduction Video

Captions and Video Description

Part 1

Visual: SCS Logo

Audio: Service Coordination Support (SCS) for People with Developmental Disabilities

Part 2

Visual: A client holds our strategic plan and the following text appears “What I need to know?”

Audio: Introducing our Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Part 3

Visual: An employee points to a whiteboard with green check marks and lines representing SCS priorities

Audio: Tells SCS where to prioritize its efforts

Part 4

Visual: Two people talking

Audio: Built on consultations with all SCS-related parties

Part 5

Visual: City of Toronto

Audio: Inspired by the Ontario government’s Journey to Belonging initiative

Part 6

Visual: A group of diverse people

Audio: Paving the way for a more inclusive future

Part 7

Visual: Text on screen “What will this plan lead to?”

Audio: Key Priorities

Part 8

Visual: Text on screen “Elevate Client Experience”

Audio: Elevate Client Experience

Part 9

Visual: Text on screen “Cultivate a Workplace of Choice”

Audio: Cultivate a Workplace of Choice

Part 10

Visual: Text on screen “Become a Regional Pioneer in the Journey to Individualized Funding”

Audio: Become a Regional Pioneer in the Journey to Individualized Funding

Part 11

Visual: SCS logo, followed by our website address, with our office address, phone number and email address to reach us:

For People with Developmental Disabilities
507 – 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard
Ottawa, ON, K1K 4H4

Audio: Learn more at

About Our Strategic Plan

  • Our plan tells us where we are going, so we know where to prioritize our efforts.
  • It is the result of several consultations with all SCS-related parties.
  • Our plan has been prepared with consideration given to the Ontario government’s Journey to Belonging initiative and the changes it will bring to developmental services in mind.
  • With our plan, we want to serve more clients in a timelier manner and have access to a greater range of services.
  • Our plan will help SCS remain a leader in the field in a changing landscape.

Key Priorities

Our Strategic Plan 2023-2026 calls for SCS to focus its efforts over a three-year period on the following three key priorities:

  • Key Priority 1: Elevate Client Experience
    Exceptional client-centric journey for both individuals and families.
  • Key Priority 2: Cultivate a Workplace of Choice
    Nurture an environment that equips staff to provide exemplary support to individuals and families.
  • Key Priority 3: Become a Regional Pioneer in the Journey to Individualized Funding
    Become a regional pioneer in a transformed developmental services sector.
Strategic plan banner

Expected Results

Key Priority 1: Clients

Clients of SCS
Creation of an exceptional, client-centric journey for both individuals and families

  • Clients are more engaged in the way we do things because they have more opportunities to participate in the conversation
  • Clients have access to alternatives when they are on waiting lists
  • Through collaboration with our partners, clients find places in services in a more effective way

Key Priority 2: Employees

Employees of SCS
Our employees are fully equipped to support our clients

  • Knowledge of employees in key roles is preserved
  • Employees are empowered to develop and find creative solutions to better support individuals served
  • Employees are supported by a high-quality service culture within the organization

Key Priority 3: Journey to Belonging

A client with an employee of SCS
By following this carefully thought-out vision, our clients and employees have the best possible chance of success

  • Refining our understanding of the unique needs, desires, and capabilities of the individuals and families we support
  • Enhance our offer of service supported by best practices, literature and data
  • Collaborate with community partners to transform the system within our region
Please refer to our full strategic plan to find out more about expected results from our key priorities.


By following these three priorities, we believe will pave the way for a more inclusive future.