Coordinated Service Planning for Children and Youth

Coordinated Service Planning for Children and Youth

Region served: Ottawa


Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) was created to support families with children/youth who have multiple and/or complex special needs. CSP aims to ensure that the services involved with your child/youth are working as a team, towards your family’s goal, and that you are kept informed through the process.


This program is for families who:

  • Have a child or youth up to 21 years of age who is still attending school
  • Have a child or youth who has multiple and/or complex special needs
  • Have at least two service providers involved in their child or youth’s care (including schools, therapists, community supports, and medical professionals)
  • Need extra support to navigate the system

This service is focused on your needs and is not specific to a diagnosis.


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Cost: Free



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  • Tel: 613-737-0871, extension 4425
  • Toll Free: 1-800-565-4839, extension 4425

Not included in this service:
CSP is not meant to duplicate services currently being used; instead it should ease communication between families and their team members. It provides the family with the chance to meet together with all of the professionals from different agencies and work towards creating a plan of care for the child/youth (known as a Single Plan of Care).