Coordinated Service Planning for Children and Youth

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Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) was created to support families with children/youth who have multiple and/or complex special needs. CSP aims to ensure that the services involved with your child/youth are working as a team, towards your family’s goal, and that you are kept informed through the process.

You may benefit from coordinated service planning if:

  • you have a child or youth with multiple and complex needs and;
  • you are waiting for or receiving services from more than one agency and;
  • you need extra support to navigate the system

Coordinated service planning happens when everyone who is involved with the child/youth works as a team to:

  • listen to your concerns
  • identify goals and a plan (Single Plan of Care)
  • work together to address goals
  • keep you informed

What is a Service Planning Coordinator?

A Service Planning Coordinator is someone whose role it is to make sure that all the agencies involved with your family are working as a team, towards a common goal, and that you are kept informed of what’s going on at all times. The service planning coordinator also works closely with you to make sure things are going well and to address any concerns.