Children’s Case Management (CCM)

Children Case Management

Case management at SCS is a collaborative, inclusive and individualized process. We work towards goal setting, planning, advocating and exploring available community resources to support the achievement of personal outcomes. This service is offered in Ottawa.

Region served: Ottawa


The Children’s Case Management team at SCS is here to help you plan for the needs of your child and family. Our team works with you to explore opportunities, services and supports available for children in Ottawa.

Once your child’s eligibility is confirmed, a case manager can assist you in linking your family to community resources, completing a person-centered plan and provide support, as required.

You can contact community resources directly to register and SCS can assist you in completing applications as needed.


The child must meet the following criteria to be eligible for CCM:

  • the child is at a sub-average general intellectual functioning level. In most cases, the scores of the child in the psychological assessment are below the second percentile;
  • the child has significant limitations in adaptive functioning in at least 2 of the following skill areas: communication, self-care, home living, social/interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self-direction, functional academic skills, work, leisure, and health and safety; or
  • the child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Contact SCS or complete the online registration form:

Cost: Free


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Not included in this service:
CCM does not offer residential services or day programs.