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About Camps

Summer camps offer the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, such as summer sports (like horseback riding), science, arts, and more! Summer camps offer unique opportunities for growth.

At SCS, we can help families explore summer camp options that may be of interest to them. To that end, each year we create a list of summer camps that families can use to find out which camps meet their needs and to get more information.

Tips When Looking for a Camp

Specific Interests or Situation

What are your child’s favorite pastimes, interests and strengths? Some love sports, others want to do art, or maybe they just want to try new things?

Camps are also about developing new relationships and making new friends. Participating in camp activities can help you find affinities and facilitate friendships:

  • Find affinity with fellow campers who share similarities
  • Facilitate friendships with and learn from others who share the same daily challenges

Creating a One Page Profile

Creating a One Page Profile can be a great way to help your child choose a camp, and for the camp staff to get to know them better and understand how best to support them!

You can find information about creating a One Page Profile at this link:

We recommend using the One Page Profile template available at this link:

Day, Overnight, Out-of-Region

Summer camps can be categorized as day camps, overnight camps, and out-of-region camps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Day Camps: Your child will participate in fun activities and programs throughout the day. Campers develop and improve their skills, make new friends, while developing a sense of independence. One possible drawback is the financial cost of the camp.
  • Overnight Camps: These camps include most of the benefits of day camps, plus the opportunity for rest and relaxation for the family and caregivers. One disadvantage may be that your child will be homesick. You may want to ask yourself some questions: Is my child old enough? Is he or she ready to go away for the night? Am I ready to let them go for the night? In the end, only you know if your child is ready for overnight camp.
  • Out-of-Region Camps: In addition to the pros and cons of day and overnight camps, out-of-region camps can help build self-confidence and independence. You may also be able to find camps outside your area that meet your child’s needs. Cons may include the higher financial cost of an out-of-region overnight summer camp.

Integrated or Specialized Camps

Integrated or specialized camps offer trained staff and an environment designed specifically for your child’s needs. Not only do these camps provide a safe environment, but they can also challenge your child to grow in new and unique ways, allowing them to gain a little more independence. Integrated camps, on the other hand, offer programs that place your child with children of all functional abilities.

Contact Camps Directly

We strongly encourage families to contact camps directly each year to inquire about camp registration and fees. Please note that websites are not always updated, so we encourage families to contact the camps directly and early.

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