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Move Your Mind Counselling – Equine assisted psychotherapy

Move Your Mind Counselling has launched equine assisted psychotherapy in the Stittsville area. Psychotherapist Heather Sansom, PhD, works with higher functioning youth and adults on the spectrum (and ADHD). Additional to remote video sessions, she offers nature and animal based experiential therapy. These can be an alternative and engaging way for clients to explore and develop their strengths, while enhancing coping skills for stress, anxiety, and other concerns.  She has degrees and credentials in psychotherapy, recreation therapy, and equine instruction with experience working with youth and adults on the spectrum in recreation therapy and psychotherapy.

For more information, please visit their website at

Disability Tax Credit Update 2021: Overview & Implications for Canadians Living with a Disability

The 2021 federal budget released this spring included important changes to the Disability Tax Credit. The DTC is a non-refundable tax credit designed to help people with disabilities or people supporting them reduce the amount of income tax they must pay.

This presentation will touch on what the Disability Tax Credit is, how you can apply for it and what the changes mean for people living with disabilities across Canada. It will highlight the changes in eligibility requirements and how the Disability Tax Credit could help you access other federal or provincial programs. The presentation will also discuss what the changes to the Disability Tax Promoters Regulations are doing to protect people living with disabilities in Canada. The changes are in force for the 2021 Tax year, so the time is now to learn about how you, or someone you love, can benefit from the Disability Tax Credit.

Presentation by Ted Mann of Mann Lawyers.

The details and registration link for the session are available on Reach’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages.