What is My ISP?

After logging in, you can access My ISP at https://myportal.scsonline.ca/en-ca/ISP/My-ISP (If you are not logged in, you will be directed to the login page).

The Individual Support Plan (ISP) allows a SCS Participant to set goals for themselves and create a strategy to reach those goals with the support and input of their family, friends, volunteers and paid support staff. It is designed to ensure that while everyone’s voice is heard, the SCS Participant’s voice being the loudest.

My ISP contains the most recent ISP for the Active Participant. If you have not completed an ISP with your case manager, these fields will be blank. You are only able to view information in your ISP (you can’t add or change information at this time). If you feel that some information should be added or changed, please contact your current case manager.