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The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa

The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa (The Registry) is a non-profit organization that maintains the central waiting list for people applying for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) housing. The Registry keeps the list according to rules set out by the Province of Ontario in the Housing Services Act, 2011.

You can access the registry at this link:

We Are Moving Our Ottawa Office

Pointer showing the location of the SCS office at 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard on a map
View larger map:
SCS Office
1400 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 507
Ottawa, ON K1K 4H4

In October 2022, we will be moving our Ottawa office, including Developmental Services Ontario Eastern Region, to 1400 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 507.

Like a number of other organizations, the series of events that have taken place over the past few years, triggered mainly by the pandemic, has led us to rethink our office space. After consultation, we agreed that moving to a new location on St. Laurent Boulevard would allow for a better use of our resources, by reducing our footprint and moving to a new space that is half the size of our current office space on Montreal Road.

We had specific criteria and requirements for our new location, the main goal being to continue providing quality services in an accessible and welcoming location for individuals and their support network who need to meet with us in person.

New Office Key Features:

  • Easy access from the Highway 417 (close to highway and off ramps)
  • Close to public transportation (OC Transpo station at St. Laurent Shopping Centre)
  • Free and accessible parking
  • Accessible features such as elevators
  • Accessible resource room for drop-ins (without appointments)
  • Natural lighting throughout the office
  • Smaller office space that is better suited to our needs
  • Ability to share workspaces (sharable open and closed office spaces)

We will send out an official announcement once our move is complete in October 2022. Please note that there will be a period during the move when our old office will not be accessible. We will post a message on our website and social media at that time.


For any questions about the move, please contact Christiane Gauthier, Administrative Supervisor by email at or phone at 613-748-1788 ext. 226.

DSOER Management Update

We are happy to inform you that Marie-Josée Samson has accepted the role of Operations Supervisor with DSOER.

Marie-Josee has been an important member of the DSOER team since our launch in 2011. She has worked as a DSOER Service Navigator for several years and as an Assessor prior to then.

We are very happy to have her join our management group!

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce you (or re-introduce you) to our DSOER management group:

  • Director: Christine Gougeon ( – Overseeing the DSOER program, Main Community Contact, and member of the SCS Senior Leadership Team
  • Clinical Supervisor: Leila Karam ( – Overseeing all Assessor group functions (e.g. Scheduling, Productivity and Quality of DSO application packages, Assessor Training, Certification, etc…)
  • Operations Supervisor: Marie-Josee Samson ( – Overseeing all Service Navigation group functions (i.e. Intake, Eligibility, Matching and Linking, Housing Navigation, etc…)

We encourage you to connect with DSOER at From there we can triage emails to the appropriate person and DSOER group. Should you want to connect directly with someone from our management group, our emails are listed above.

Together with our team of navigators, scheduler, assessors and matching & linking coordinator, we want to thank you for your continued support and collaboration in providing support to those we serve.

Meetings with SCS

Thank you for your patience in this time of pandemic. We are still here to support you.

In addition to being able to meet you by phone or video, it may now be possible to meet you in person if you are unable to meet by phone or video.

Click here for Video Conferencing Security Risks & Best Practices

For in-person meetings, your worker will inform you of some instructions to be followed in order to ensure your safety and the safety of our employees.

Please speak to your worker to discuss your options to meet.

Thank you for continuing to work with us.

SCS Team

Sleep and Autism

Sleep-related issues are problematic for anyone who suffers from them. They run the gamut from short-term trouble falling asleep to full-blown sleep disorders that persist for years. Sleep problems can be particularly troublesome for people with autism spectrum disorder, also known as ASD.

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