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Now Available: SCS Annual Report 2020-2021

Our annual report is now available at this link:

You can read messages from our President and Interim Executive Director, reviewing events of the past year and how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the people we support, their support networks, and SCS.

You will also find information on our projects and initiatives which aim is to empower the persons we support to plan for the future of their choice. Great progress was made on the following projects:

  • Case Management Implementation: we have enhanced our communications about how our case management services can support individuals.
  • My Search Tool, a search tool to enable families to independently explore available resources in their community (
  • We started developing a self-serve website where the people we support can access and update information and documents in their SCS file.
  • We partially implemented our mobile workforce strategy, to increase our presence and visibility in the community.

You can also find information about our services, with an evaluation of their performance over the past year, as well as positive and constructive testimonials.

Case Management Update

Moving forward our focus is what is important to people, their strengths, and what support is required for people to be successful

Service Coordination Support (SCS) for People with Developmental Disabilities is continuously improving our case management services to ensure that the people we support are engaged in planning for the future of their choice.

“We listened to your ideas, comments and feedback. One of our goals is to better communicate how our case management services can support you. Essentially people need to know what to expect. Moving forward our focus is what is important to people, their strengths, and what support is required for people to be successful,” said Karen Niman, Director of Support Services at SCS.

Case management at SCS is a collaborative, inclusive, and individualized process. We work towards goal setting, planning, advocating, and exploring available community resources to support the achievement of personal outcomes.

We are pleased to share how we can support you to achieve your goals and develop a plan for the future of your choice.

A case manager will help you:

‣ Focus on goals that are important to you
‣ Include the people who are important to you
‣ Identify your strengths and interests
‣ Build and strengthen your relationships and support network
‣ Plan for life transitions
‣ Coordinate meetings with other service providers by:

◦ Assisting you with preparing for the meeting
◦ Supporting you at the meeting
◦ Understanding roles and responsibilities
‣ Support problem solving and group facilitation
‣ Coordinate community resources, such as:

◦ Skills development or education programs
◦ Social and recreational programs
◦ Child care programs
◦ Support workers or respite programs
◦ Volunteering or work opportunities
◦ Support groups
◦ Financial programs
◦ Housing services
◦ Transportation services
◦ Specialized services, such as counselling, behaviour management, medical, therapy, equipment …

We will be hosting information sessions for individuals, families and our partner agencies to share our role as communicated above.

We are developing a short animated video to explain how are our case management services at SCS can support you. This video will be available at all times on our website and we will use it during our information sessions, in addition to sharing it in our communications.

About Service Coordination Support (SCS) for People with Developmental Disabilities

SCS is the initial contact for individuals who have a developmental disability or autism in Ottawa and the Eastern Region. We help people find the supports and services in the community that are needed to assist them in their daily lives. One of our important goals is to empower families and individuals to make informed choices about the supports they seek.

Contact us

Service Coordination Support (SCS) for People with Developmental Disabilities
200-150 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8H2
Tel: 613-748-1788
TTY: 1-855-777-5787

We Are All in This Together – A Message From SCS Team

Our day to day activities have drastically changed over the past few months, and there is still fear and uncertainty as to what the future holds for all of us in this new era of physical distancing.

Even though we are not able to meet you in person at this time, we are still here to support you! We have taken measures to ensure that you can still contact us by telephone, or meet with us virtually through other methods of online communications.

Our employees and Board of Directors have been very active within the last few months, and have continued to work relentlessly to ensure that individuals and their families are heard and supported. We are extremely grateful for all the employees at SCS, who continue to go above and beyond during this pandemic. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of them. A big thank you to all of our employees!

As we prepare for the “new” normal and the eventual re-opening of SCS, your safety and the safety of our employees will be our priority and will require careful planning. Please visit our website at, in order to see updates about the eventual re-opening of our offices, and on how to get in touch with us.

We are all in this together!

Service Coordination Support