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AS News – 2 spots Specialisterne IBM coop jobs would need to respond immediately

Specialisterne has a workshop next week Feb. 24 and 25 in Ottawa for post-secondary students interested in the attached computer or finance co-op jobs.  if you are or know of a post-secondary student returning to school next year who has the qualifications and might be interested please pass along. Contact for more information.


DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities Application Deadline July 31, 2020

Last year Katarina, who is on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, was awarded the $1000.00 scholarship for Canadians who are pursuing post-secondary education at accredited Canadian institutions.

Katarina has moved us with her eager to learn about symptoms of various neurological disorders. She believes that her autistic experience can be of great help in pursuing a career in neuroscience. Katarina’s understanding of her own condition has driven her to have empathy for people who suffer from the same condition and to work in medicine and research.

“People with ASD are more like others than not, and though I have my quirks and challenges, these don’t define me.” – Katarina says in her essays explaining why she chose to study Health Science.

My own experience of ASD and my care for individuals with neurological disorders have a synergy that I hope leads to becoming a compassionate and dedicated doctor and researcher.

Katarina’s determination and past educational achievement has convinced us that she is able to work towards her dream and achieve meaningful accomplishment in the future.

 “I’m not an autistic person who also wants to become a doctor. I’m a person who wants to become a doctor … that also happens to have ASD.”

We want to share this exciting news with everyone, as well as to bring hope to students who are living with a disability, that help is always available, and that with your own determination and passion, you can achieve great things!

Disability Credit Canada believe knowledge and education should not be limited, the DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities will be offered as an annual scholarship, the winner will be awarded $1,000 towards their tuition to an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution.

To read more about the scholarship: for Canadian-students with disabilities

Ontario Autism Program – Autism Ontario East Region – Service Navigation Update!

 Office Hours

As you know, Autism Ontario does not have an office space in the region. I have been working with a few local organizations to book office space when families request in-person meetings. I also have been meeting families at their local libraries when necessary.

For the next few months, CHEO has offered Autism Ontario some office space to help accommodate the high demand of in-person meetings that I have been receiving. These office hours will be by appointment only.

  • Mondays – 9:00am-2:00pm – CHEO Kanata – 109-1002 Beaverbrook Road
  • Wednesdays – 9:00am-2:00pm – CHEO St-Laurent – 2280 St-Laurent Boulevard, Suite 103

*Please note that Autism Ontario does not endorse one service provider over another. I do make this very clear to families when I am asked about local services. We do value our local partnerships and I would certainly be open to work with any agency or organization who is interested in collaborating on workshops, information sessions, office hours, or Social Learning Opportunities.*

 Upcoming Events

Above Event Currently full – Family can still register for the waitlist

I have also partnered with CHEO and Service Coordination to facilitate information sessions for families with a new diagnosis. If you are supporting families with a new diagnosis who would benefit from an information session, you can direct them to the Access Team at CHEO:

 Social Learning Opportunities (SLO)

Our next round of Social Learning Opportunity Submission is February 1st! If you have any suggestions for events or workshops that you would like for us to run, please feel free to let me know! You can also complete the attached SLO Form if you are interested in partnering on something.

 In the Works (stay tuned!)SLOWorkshop FormFinal_EN_June2019_Fillable February 2020 Calendar

  • Workshops: Information Session on Speech-Language Pathology, Information Session on ABA/IBI, Cornwall OAP Information Session, Hawkesbury OAP Information Session
  • Events: Spring Autism Information Fair (Eligible OAP Services), Little Rays Reptiles, Family Bowling Ottawa, Family Bowling St-Isadore, Creation Workshop Cornwall, Xtreme Trampoline Ottawa

Sleep and Autism

Sleep-related issues are problematic for anyone who suffers from them. They run the gamut from short-term trouble falling asleep to full-blown sleep disorders that persist for years. Sleep problems can be particularly troublesome for people with autism spectrum disorder, also known as ASD.

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