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CVE Inc.

Pediatric Physiotherapy – For parents seeking private pediatric physiotherapy services. Offering services by a physiotherapist with 20+ years of experience treating all age groups and impairments, especially those suffering from developmental disorders and delays in milestones. Please visit the website for more information and a full list of services.

University of New Brunswick

Research Study – Autistic high schoolers (Grade 9-12) are needed for an online interview about their experience preparing to transition to adulthood. Parents of autistic high schoolers can also participate in an online interview regarding their child’s preparation for adulthood. The child must be in high school in Canada. Chance to win $25 CDN visa gift card. To find out more, email

This project has been reviewed and approved by the research ethics board at the University of New Brunswick and is on file REB# 2022-173.



New Opportunities for Recent Graduates – Partnering with several companies in Canada to recruit for multiple positions as part of the Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives. These opportunities range from internships to full-time, and are all targeted towards new and recent engineering graduates.


Access Team – The CHEO Access Team helps to make referrals for those with complex needs. This includes children or youth who have missed important developmental milestones like crawling or talking or have complex physical and cognitive health issues.


JobPath Employment Workshops – A 12-week in-class program for skill development. It aims to empower job seekers with a developmental disability to build a career they love. Upon completion, job seekers will be supported in finding employment or in participating in job-hardening activities like volunteering. The total enrolment fee is $5000. Contact for referrals or to book your enrolment appointment.

Spark ABA Therapy

Spark Lifecare ABA Therapy – Seeking to improve the lives of those affected by Autism and other developmental disabilities by working with families and parents to determine functional skills for their children to become more independent.  Please see the ‌Information Sheet for more details.

Operation Come Home

JobsFirst is an 18-week employment program which serves youth ages 16 to 29 who self identify or have been diagnosed with a disability. JobsFirst provides youth with individualized employment support (s) based on their career path.