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The CORE Learning Centre – New services available in Kanata

We are a new local autism therapy centre that provides one on one support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The CORE Learning Centre is driven by the belief that each child is unique and as such, their therapy should reflect that. From individualized programs, reinforcers and therapist teams – everything we do is centred around providing an inclusive and compassionate environment for all our clients. Our highly trained team, led by an accredited Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, implements programs using applied behaviour analysis (ABA) techniques to give each client the tools to grow.

View the CORE Website

Move Your Mind Counselling – Equine assisted psychotherapy

Move Your Mind Counselling has launched equine assisted psychotherapy in the Stittsville area. Psychotherapist Heather Sansom, PhD, works with higher functioning youth and adults on the spectrum (and ADHD). Additional to remote video sessions, she offers nature and animal based experiential therapy. These can be an alternative and engaging way for clients to explore and develop their strengths, while enhancing coping skills for stress, anxiety, and other concerns.  She has degrees and credentials in psychotherapy, recreation therapy, and equine instruction with experience working with youth and adults on the spectrum in recreation therapy and psychotherapy.

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Q&A Webinar with KPOPELAW team – Ask the experts – June 16

Some discussion topics include:

• Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB)
• ODSP benefits, increases & income and asset tests. ($896 – $1169)
• Disability & caregiver tax credit recaptures. ($16,000 & $10,000)
• Legal guardianship & powers of attorney
• Wills, Henson Trusts & estate planning
• Dying without a will or Henson Trust
• Using life insurance to fund Trusts
• RDSPs and anything else you’d like us to address
Click this link for registration details