Application for Special Services at Home

Instructional video to complete an application for Special Services at Home (SSAH).

Watch this video for a step by step presentation on how to complete the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Special Services at Home application facilitated by a Surrey Place Service Coordinator. Learn handy tips and tricks for completing this funding application.

Please click on this link to access an application form for Special Services at Home:

Families located in Ottawa should contact SCS, or DSOER if they are in the Eastern Region, to request assistance in completing the Special Services at Home application.

Overview Of Program

The Special Services at Home (SSAH) program helps families who are caring for a child with a developmental and/or physical disability. It is funded and managed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The goal of the SSAH program is to support the government’s vision of:

  • Strengthening the ability of children and their families to reach their potential;
  • Reducing the need for intensive or intrusive social services in the future; and
  • Reinforcing personal dignity and independence.

The SSAH program is based on the understanding that family members are often primary caregivers for children with a developmental and/or physical disability. The program focuses on providing funds to assist families to purchase supports not available elsewhere in the community.

Funding provided through SSAH helps families pay for special services in or outside the family home as long as the child is not receiving support from a residential program. For example, through SSAH funding a family can hire someone to:

  • Help their child learn new skills and abilities, such as improving their communication skills and becoming more independent; and/or
  • Provide respite support to the family – families can receive funding to pay for services that will give them a break, or respite, from the day-to-day care of their child.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services supports the following service principles:

  • Integration – community participation.
  • Independence – supports that encourage greater independence.
  • Personalization – supports that take into consideration personal capabilities and enhance choice and self-direction.
  • Quality of life – persons who are valued for who they are and the role they can play in the community.