Transition to Adulthood: Important Periods

The information in this post can be found in this brochure from Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

Transitioning from youth to adult services is a process that requires planning. When your child turns 18, children services will end and new adult services may begin. A successful transition should begin as early as possible and prepare your child for adulthood. The following timeline shows important transition periods.

High school entry

a. Request a psychological assessment that includes cognitive and adaptive function scores for Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).
b. Update your transition plan and Individual Education Plan (IEP) with your school team.

Age 16

a. Contact DSO for short intake.
b. Mail the requested information to your DSO, including your psychological assesssment.
c. Your DSO will mail you a letter to confirm if you are eligible for adult developmental services at 18.
d. Investigate day programs and/or post secondary options with your school team.

Age 17.5

a. Complete your Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) application (separate from DSO).
b. Attend your ODSP eligibility interview. Your doctor will need to complete an eligibility package if you don’t have your DSO letter that confirms that you are eligible to receive adult developmental services at 18.

Age 18

a. If you are eligible, your monthly ODSP will begin.

Age 18 +

If your application has been started:

a. An appointment will be set up with a DSO assessor to complete the application package.
b. Your DSO assessor will send you an Assessor Summary Report (ASR).

Age 18-21

a. Graduation from high school between 18 and the year you turn 21.
b. Inform your DSO and ODSP of your graduation date 6 months prior.

Update your information

It is important to keep your local DSO up to date about any changes in your situation. For example, call us if you are planning to move or change your phone number. This helps us to make sure that we have your current contact information and to confirm that you wish to remain in the service registry.

Need more information?

To find out more, contact Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) by calling 2-1-1, or visit to find your area DSO.