Journey to Adulthood: A Checklist of Key Activities

Autism Ontario has created a checklist of key activities to guide you in your journey to adulthood.

Under 14

  • Access 2 Card
  • Canada Disability Tax Credit (CDTC)*
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)*
  • Henson Trust (also called discretionary trust)

Age 14

  • Update Psychological Assessment for DSO application*
  • Ensure transition skills are included in school’s IEP

Age 15

  • Inventory programs and services in the area for post secondary life
  • Inventory housing / residential options

Age 16

  • Apply to Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)*
  • Open a bank account (account in youth’s name)
  • Apply for an Ontario ID Card
  • Locate adult health care and service providers. Make referrals if necessary.
  • Apply for Ontario Works (OW) if applicable

Age 17

  • Apply for Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP) six (6) months prior to 18th birthday
  • Consider legal concerns including guardianship and/or Power of Attorney*
  • Confirm appointment with DSO to complete their application process six (6) months prior to 18th birthday.*
  • Complete applications for adult services, programs, and supports

Age 18

  • Establish guardianship or sign Power of Attorney documents *
  • DSO, Passport, and ODSP funds and supports are available at age 18*
  • Check with DSO to complete Passport Funding paperwork
  • Sign documents allowing consent to share information as needed
  • Apply for GST / HST credit on income tax

Over 18

  • Continue with secondary education till age of 21
  • Attend post secondary education (college, university)
  • Participate in community events, programs, and/or activities (with or without 1:1 support)
  • Employment (part time or full time)
  • Apprenticeships
  • Volunteer

* Item has eligibility criteria and/or may not be relevant for each individual
IMPORTANT: Ages provided are a guideline. With the exception of activities with a minimum age requirement, activities can be completed at any age.