Day Camp: Spectrum Insights




Inclusion/ Additional Support: 1:6 Ratio- Our groups are small to better meet the needs of the individual student.

Camp Summary

A fun camp where Tier 1 ASD/ADHD Teens ages 12-17 will learn the Social& Life Skills needed to be more independent, and make new friends.
Lessons revolve around fun outings.

Skills we cover:
• Learning to use public transit, and Petro Pass, OC Transpo Planner, Google Maps, Bus Passes, how to ride a bus
How to pay using either tickets/pass/presto or transfer.
• Planning the bus route for the day or week
• Emergency situations: Missed stops, If a student gets lost, Location of Yellow call boxes
• What to do if left alone on the bus or left alone at a stop
• Where to sit on the bus
• Who not to sit next to
• What to do w/ backpacks
• Losing tickets and transfers




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