Day Camp: Destiny’s Way




Inclusion/ Additional Support: Each individual responds differently to their surroundings, which includes the location, the staff, the program, and other stimuli or triggers. We are always willing to discuss a situation, to see if we are able to provide this well needed support.

Camp Summary

The following activities are offered for the upcoming summer camp program:

Gardening, hobby farms (lamas, horses, sheep, emus, ostriches, peacocks, and more), museum excursions, nature trails, swimming, arts & crafts, baking, mini putt, bowling, laser tag, games & leisure (bingo, yahtzee, monopoly, XBox Kinect, etc.), movie outings (Imax or local theatre), boat cruises, back yard camping & picnics, and amusement parks (parc safari, theme park, and water parks). Destiny’s Way is always willing to work with any child or adult, no matter the age.




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