Day Camp: Out to Play




Summer Day Camps – Out to Play

Camp Summary

The Foxes (4-10 years) The Fox program is offered each week of the summer. With 1:8 ratios and experienced staff, this active outdoor program offers immersive imaginative play opportunities, circle time, storytelling, art and a hike to a unique forested play space each day.

The Wolves (8 -12 years) The Wolf program is offered July 15-19, July 29-Aug 2 and Aug 19-23. This program offers the same opportunities as the Foxes, with a skill-building theme each week. Does your child want to learn orienteering? Are they interested in shelter building? Building their own journal? This program respects their growing autonomy and their drive to be creative!

LIT Program (13-15 years) *New to 2024*
Join us as we pilot our first LIT program! After a couple years of mentoring younger high school students and aspiring summer camp counsellors Out to Play is now offering a LIT group program. With small groups and low ratios (1:6) this program offers skill development and mentorship, opportunities to practice learned skills mentoring younger groups, and time for play and reflection, Only available in two week blocks




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