Out of Region Camp: Camp Shomria (Jewish)


Halfway between Toronto and Montreal, on beautiful Otty Lake


Summer Camp – Camp Shomria (hashomerhatzair.ca)

Camp Summary

Our chanichimot (campers) can’t wait to get back to camp. The chance to live with their best friends, to pursue their passions and learn out from behind a desk, to be treated like an adult, and – who are we kidding – the chance to get some time away from the folks. Camp is special. If you went to camp as a kid, you remember.

And our camp is special. It’s small enough that everyone knows everyone, and since people come back year after year, it’s more than a camp, it’s a village; a village made up of people from around the world, people who all experience Shomria as more than a retreat, but as a home away from home.

All our campers are organized by kvutza (group). Each kvutza is grouped by age and has a set of madrichimot (counsellors), most of whom are former campers themselves, each with their unique approach. The three younger kvutzot and the three older kvutzot are each called a machane (camp), and all of it together is called mosh.

One of the most special aspects of camp is living communally in tzrifim (cabins). We are proud to offer multiple housing options (girls, boys, and all gender cabins) to meet the diverse needs of our camp community.

Grade 1-10


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Email – mail@campshomria.ca
Phone – 416-736-1339


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