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Inclusion/ Additional Supports: 1:1 available, for a fee.

Camp Summary

Explore, Learn, and Thrive at Empowered Academy’s Summer Camp
Join Empowered Academy’s enriching camp filled with fun activities, engaging learning experiences, and a supportive community.

• Creative Workshops: Spark creativity with arts and crafts.
• Adventure Days: Explore and discover in our exciting themed days.
• Science Adventures: Dive into hands-on experiments and discoveries.
• Physical Fun: Stay active with games, sports, and outdoor play.
• Social and Emotional Learning: Develop crucial life skills in a supportive environment.

Empowered Academy extends the adventure to Summer Camp Days! Enjoy a blend of education and fun on days off from school.

Price: 55$ per hour

Various Ages 3-18


Phone: 613 907-4052


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