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Coming Together 2022

This Year’s Theme:
Be Active And Strive

(Image of this year’s theme Be Active And Strive. One shoe is pointing to “I CAN” while the other is stepping on “NOT,” meaning that you can do things, not the other way around.).

Free Full Day Virtual Conference
Coming Together 2022 (CT2022) is open to individuals of all abilities and ages with their caregivers or families.

We will be hosting CT2022 on Sunday, November 6, 2022, in a virtual format (Zoom).

This year’s theme is Be Active And Strive. We want to encourage you to be active and do things, according to your interests, whether it’s getting a job, practicing a sport, doing art or music, pursuing your best hobby or trying something new, just to name a few examples. Being active has many benefits, both physical and mental. Striving to accomplish something is good for confidence and allows you to focus on your abilities.

The conference consists of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the morning session, participants will join others to play the game of Clue “Career Discovery Edition”. In the afternoon session, participants will have the opportunity to learn from others as they discuss about how they found their way to Be Active And Strive. More information is available below.

You can register now for the conference. You will find the registration link after reading about the conference activities just below.

Morning Session:
Game of CLUE “Career Discovery Edition”

Join others in a CLUE-based activity to find the ideal career path of your character. This session is developed and hosted by Recreational Respite.

(Image: Characters with different careers are carefully looked at under a magnifying glass)

Join others to play the game of Clue “Career Discovery Edition”! You and your team will start the game with an introduction to a unique character, and it is your job to help them figure out their ideal career path! Room by room, you and your team will be guided through a tour of the character’s home. You will be provided with a “Detective Notes” card and will have to pay close attention throughout the tour for clues that help to determine your characters interests, personality traits, skills, values, and life experience.

At the end of the game, you and your team will put your detective skills to the ultimate test and use the clues you have gathered to figure out what job your character would be great at! Do you think you have what it takes?

Afternoon Session:
The Ian Mendes and Guests Show

Discussion between Ian Mendes, a Canadian sports journalist, and his guests on the theme Be Active And Strive.

(Image: Ian Mendes interviewing Ottawa Senators’ former Captain Daniel Alfredsson during a game.)

Participants in the afternoon will join a conversation between Ian Mendes and his guests, who have found their way to be active. As a well-known sports journalist in the region, Ian Mendes knows how to talk to people and elaborate around topics that are interesting for those who listen. You will enjoy hearing what others have to say about the importance of being active and how people have managed to stand out.

We will share the complete program in the weeks leading to the conference. Participants will have opportunities to choose session content offered in either English or French, where feasible.

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Presented by the Transition Awareness Group of Service Coordination Support (SCS)
The Transition Awareness Group (TAG) aims to stimulate community participation, inspire new opportunities and raise the profile of developmental services in our community for transitional age youth and people of all ages experiencing life transitions. The goal of TAG is to help people and families gain knowledge, tools, and awareness of resources in the Ottawa region.

About Service Coordination Support (SCS)

SCS is the initial point of contact for people who have a developmental disability and children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. We help people find available resources in the community that are needed to assist them in their daily lives. One of our important goals is to empower families and individuals to make informed choices about the supports they seek.