Empowered Academy Activities For The Holiday Season

Here are some activities with Empowered Academy that might interest you if you are starting to plan for the holiday season and beyond!


  • Teen Life Skills Group
  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm
  • Ages: 12-17 years old
  • 12 Week Program
PA Day Holiday Respite

  • Cooking class
  • Science experiment
  • Outdoor nature play
  • Peer socialization
  • 55 per hour
  • 9am-6pm
Savvy Saturdays

  • Teen Social Skills Group
  • 11am-3pm
  • Ages: 11-17 years old
  • Activities: Baking, Gardening, Life Skills, Teamwork, Sports Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Skating, Group Outings

For more information, contact Empowered Academy by email at hello@empowered-academy.com or call 613-907-4052 .