Spotlight On Our Afternoon Session Host at Coming Together 2022: Ian Mendes

(Image: Ian Mendes)

You probably know him as a well-known sports journalist in the region, but he is also a very involved father and community member.

Participants in the afternoon session at Coming Together 2022 will join a conversation between Ian Mendes and his guests, who have found their way to be active. As a well-known sports journalist in the region, Ian Mendes knows how to talk to people and elaborate around topics that are interesting for those who listen. You will enjoy hearing what others have to say about what’s important to be active.

But besides being a sports journalist, Ian Mendes is a husband and father of two daughters; one was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at a very young age, which opened a valve of empathy that made him want to help. His daughter was successfully treated at CHEO, so he began fundraising for CHEO, including volunteering for Roger Neilson House and Ronald McDonald House.

His volunteer work also includes the Royal Ottawa Hospital, ManUp Inspire Program, and Capital City Condors.

Ian Mendes wants to help Ottawa be a better place for its citizens. He recognized how important support was during critical times with his daughter, in his case having support from the sport community. Sports are an essential part of Mendes’ life. He enrolled his daughter in ringette and, to make things easier, he became the assistant coach of her team.

By watching his daughter play ringette and encouraging her to thrive, Mendes says it has given his daughter ton of self-esteem.

His family situation and his relationship with the world of sports have taught him to encourage others to be active and to strive.

Stay tuned for more information on the panelists in the Ian Mendes and Guests Show at Coming Together 2022!

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This year’s theme is Be Active And Strive. Being active has many benefits, both physical and mental. Striving to accomplish something is good for your confidence and allows you to focus on your abilities.

  • Free full day virtual conference hosted by Service Coordination Support (SCS) and partners
  • Coming Together 2022 is open to individuals of all abilities and ages with their caregivers or families
  • The conference will take place on Sunday, November 6, 2022, from 10:30am to 4:15pm, in a virtual format (Zoom)

The conference consists of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the morning session, participants will join others to play the game of Clue “Career Discovery Edition”. In the afternoon session, participants will have the opportunity to learn from others as they discuss about how they found their way to Be Active And Strive.