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Free Full Day Virtual Conference
Coming Together 2021 (CT2021) is open to individuals of all abilities and ages with their caregivers or families.
We will be hosting CT2021 on Saturday November 6th , 2021 in a virtual format (Zoom). This year’s theme is My Voice, My Future.

We all have a voice. We use our words, our bodies, and our expressions to share our thoughts and feelings with the people around us. Persons supported and their network will gain knowledge and tools to help ensure that their voices are heard and that they are truly at the heart of all decision making.

Participants will have opportunities to choose session content offered in either English or French, where feasible.

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Coming Together 2021

Morning Session: This Is Me! Escape Room
We will travel back in time together to help Sam to express themself
10:30am – 12pm
Let’s work together to complete all levels of the ‘This Is Me! Escape Room’ and help Sam get their voice back!

You will meet Sam (fictional person). Sam is 25 years old. When Sam was a baby, Sam was unable to learn how to express themself. Without a voice, Sam went through their whole life NEVER feeling heard. No one ever learned who Sam is, what Sam wants and what is important to Sam. Now Sam feels lost, and unsure of their future.

Join us as we travel back in time together to help Sam learn to express themself in different ways and actively be part of decisions that are important to them!

This game is based on the “escape room” format in which participants explore their surroundings, share ideas and try options in order to find solutions and overcome challenges.

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Coming Together 2021

Afternoon Session: Making Your Voice Heard
You know best what you want
1pm – 3:30pm

People care about you and often have ideas about what is important to and for you. People want you to be healthy, safe, and part of your community. You might also have your own ideas, especially about what is important to you, such as what makes you happy, comfortable, and proud.

Attend this session to:

Learn how things are changing for the better
Discover tools you may find helpful
Be inspired through stories

Meet the Session’s Speaker