Meet Tomas, a Participant of Adult Case Management at Service Coordination

“Cooking is not difficult. Cooking is easy.”

Tomas works in an Italian restaurant’s kitchen. He takes care of dishes and helps with the cooking, alongside six other kitchen staff. “It’s no problem,” he says. The Bistro is close to home, so Tomas can walk, take the bus or bicycle to work.

Tomas works at the restaurant from Monday to Saturday and still finds time to play on the Special Olympics floor hockey team at Canterbury High School. His Case Manager at Service Coordination suggested the Special Olympics team when she learned that Tomas played ice hockey and soccer in Slovakia.


Keeping active is important to 31-year-old Tomas. He swims and rides his bicycle. He has noticed the children here are more focused on computers and stay home “playing games shooting stuff”, not playing outside like he did.

Tomas and his mother immigrated to Canada from Slovakia in 2005. He had trouble understanding the papers he needed to fill out to apply for a job and sometimes would make mistakes in the job applications. “I like things to be correct,” he says. He soon learned about Service Coordination from his mother’s friends. The friends said Tomas could get help to find a job.

“Service Coordination is very good. I can call my Case Manager when I need help with this paper or that paper and she says ‘sure come in,’” says Tomas. “When something comes in the mail and I need help, I can call my Case Manager. No problem. We can meet. I am happy for this.”